Our ambition

CiO information as a service

Lyncis is the most recent innovator in the converging market of Business Process Mgt, Business Service Mgt, IT Service Mgt and Vendor Mgt. Our ambition is to deliver what we coin "independent real-time CiO information as a Service".

Your insight

Service features

Our stunning & utterly simple visual interface is unseen in the industry. It moves you from real time insight into the health status of your critical business processes towards having the foresight to predict service degradations and outages.

Our solution

SaaS solution

Lyncis offers a secure, scalable platform which is built entirely on a flexible, open and modular framework of Web 2.0 technologies. Lyncis's unique approach gets you up and running quickly with no change to underlying systems.

Your foresight

Implemention services

Your journey ahead is planned and executed with our implementation methodology, offering you a level of service and support tailored to your organization. Our fast track implementation will have you up and running within 3 months.